Thursdays with Thain began as a concept from Goddess Thain's participation with the Aviary fetish party, as co-founder and host of the Newbie Corner (an educational aspect of Aviary that continues to this day).

When the Aviary moved from the William Way LGBT Community Center to its new home, concerns were voiced about the accessibility of kink, BDSM and alternative sexuality education for Philadelphia's underprivileged and often overlooked communities.

As such, this is open to anyone who wishes to present, participate or otherwise volunteer their time and skills. (See the above links for Volunteer and for Contact.)
If you are new to Goddess Thain or her staff in the capacity you wish to help, recommendations will be required in order to ensure experience and quality.
New or inexperienced volunteers can be paired with an experienced volunteer to shadow them until such time as you have earned your own position.

Particular interest lies with POC, and members of the community who generally find their voices dismissed or undervalued.
Emphasis is on teaching new people, so if you know you read as condescending, whether as a presenter or as a volunteer... work on it.
The key here is to help everyone feel heard. And new people do not generally feel heard.

This page will evolve as the event grows, and the online aspect of education will be able to expand as information from different panels, discussions groups and demos become accessible.
Anonymous questions and suggestions will be accepted via Tumblr (see Contact, above), as long as they remain polite and reasonable.

"Thursdays with Thain: Kink Education at William Way" will be in the ballroom of the William Way LGBT community center every Thursday (except for the third Thursday each month) from 7-10 p.m.
To minimize confusion, all events - including related local events - will be posted (see Calendar, above).

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